Hi my name is Christina Barratt, or Chrissy, and I set up Tailor-Made Home. 

I recently moved back to Suffolk with my children Maxwell & Milly and the business after 17 years in Norfolk, North Yorkshire and Surrey.

My passion for interiors began when I was five years old and my grandad made my first dolls house.  He and my mum made everything themselves from the house and furniture, to the dolls and their clothes - all which I soon cast aside out set and about redesigning the house instead!

Throughout my study of Restoration of Historic Buildings and career in estate agency I developed my skills in making soft furnishings and interiors until friends & family's requests for help with soft furnishings left me no time for anything other than curtain-making.  The business grew much faster than I had anticipated through word of mouth, and so Tailor-Made begun.

Nowadays I’m incredibly lucky and have an exceptionally capable team of superb suppliers, traditional curtain-makers, and professional fitters behind me, which frees me up to do what I love most – sit with my clients, surrounded by beautiful samples, while I get to know exactly what they want and need from their decor and furnishings.

Furnishings aren’t just there to look pretty; they help keep out draughts, keep the heat in, screen you from the outside world, help you see your computer screen or TV on a sunny day, assist you with security, deflect the sun’s heat, help babies and night-workers sleep during daylight hours, soften the glare from the sun, cushion sound, help you lay in on a Sunday morning and ultimately - they make a house feel like home!

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