We are a team of traditional-style curtain-makers offering a wide variety of options which can be made with or without interlining and/or black-out lining. Click on the photos below to see some more examples of our work in each curtain category.

triple pinch pleat
Triple pinch pleat floral curtain. Interlined to add to sumptuous look.
frill top
Frill top header in lightweight linen. Stunning curtain and reasonably priced as pleats are not hand sewn.
cartridge pleat
Cartridge Pleats have hand sewn and stuffed pleats so can take up a little more room when drawn. Uniform pleats that look stunning worked into a geometric pattern and elegant when made up with plain fabric.
double pinch pleat
Double Pinch Pleat curtains are a beautiful way of adding detail to any curtain. The pleats are hand sewn and perhaps more effective than Triple Pinch Pleats on thicker fabrics such as velvet.
inverted pleat
The simplicity of the Inverted Pleats is extremely elegant and works well within both contemporary and traditional schemes.
pencil pleat
Pencil Pleat curtains have quite a delicate pleat throughout the width of your curtain. It is one of the more reasonably priced choices for your window and work well in pretty much any fabric.
Eyelet curtains are fabulous if you have limited space to the side of the window as they concertina when drawn so don’t restrict light from the window.
wave curtain
An example of modern beauty the Wave curtains are truly stunning. Due to the bend in the wave, silks and velvets look particularly impressive as it effects the light which is reflected from them at different angles.
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